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Cambial Activity

Tree-ring growth, which represents the radial growth of trees, is determined by the timing, intensity, and duration of cambial activity. TRRC researched to understand the growth activity of dominant conifer species and subalpine evergreen conifers in Korea by monitoring their cambial activity. So far, the researches related to the cambial actity have been published like below.

  • Duration of the cambial activity of Pinus koraiensis, Larix kaempferi, and Chamaecyparis pisifera in Chungbuk and the effect of climate on their intra-annual activity.

  • Duration of the cambial activity of Abies koreana, Taxus cuspidata, and Pice jezoensis in subalpine zone of Deogyusan and the effect of temperature on their intra-annual activity.


Cambial of Abies koreana at Deongyusan National Park

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