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About us

Tree rings provide information related to the time and environment. The time information can be obtained from the dated tree rings and the environmental information can be obtained from the measurement values of annual, earlywood, or latewood widths, or wood cell sizes or isotopes in each tree ring.


Tree Ring Research Center (TRRC) has its roots in the Tree-ring Material Bank, which was established under the auspice of the National Science Foundation of Korea to collect wood samples from various tree species distributed in different regions of Korea and to establish long-term tree-ring chronologies and reconstruct paleoclimate using the chronologies.


TRRC is focusing on research projects related to dendrochronology, wood anatomy for wood identification and property and wood preservation for archaeological woods, and their database construction for the development of related fields. We also strive to conduct a wide range of research through interdisciplinary research with the fields of archaeology, ecology, climatology, and wood engineering.

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