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Professor Dr. Jeong-Wook Seo


E - Mail

Tel       +80 (0)43-261-2543

Research fields

  • Dendroecology

  • Dendroarchaeology

  • Wood biology


  • Ph.D.

     - Title: High-resolution, intra-annual cambium dynamics of Scots pine (Pinus

             sylvestris L.) and the effect of climate in the boreal forests in northern                     Finland

     - Supervisor: Prof.Dr. Dieter Eckstein

     - University of Hamburg, Germany

  • M.S.

     - Title: Spatiotemporal analysis of tree-ring variations in Pinus densiflora from Mt. Worak, central Korea

     - Supervisors: Prof. Won-Kyu Park, Prof. Jae-Su Kim

     - Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea


Profesional experiences and activities

  • 2019. 04 - present       충북대학교 산학협력단 부설 나이테연구센터장

  • 2018. 03 - present       충북대학교 산학협력단 부설 목재연륜소재은행장

  • 2021. 10 - present       충북대학교 교수

  • 2016. 10 - 2021. 09 충북대학교 부교수

  • 2014. 09 - 2016. 09 충북대학교 조교수

  • 2013. 07 - 2014. 08   (National Institute of Forest Science) 

  • 2011. 06 - 2013. 06    Junior Professor (University of Greifswald)

  • 2009. 03 - 2011. 05    Post Doctor (Univeristy of Hamburg, Germany)




Schmitt, U., G. Koch, D. Eckstein, J.-W. Seo, P. Prislan, J. Gričar, K. Čufar, H. Stobbe,

       R. Jalkanen. 2016. The vascular cambium of trees and its involvement in defining

       xylem anatomy. In: Secondary Xylem Biology: Origins, Functions, and

       applications, (eds) Y.S. Kim, R. Funada, A.P. Singh, Academic Press. Elsevier.

Seo, J.-W., D. Eckstein, A. Olbrich, R. Jalkanen, H. Salminen, U. Schmitt, J. Fromm.

       2013. Climate control of wood formation: illustrated for Scots pine at its northern

       distribution limit. In: Cellular Aspects of Wood Formation, (ed) J. Fromm, Springer,

       Plant Cell Monographs 20: 159-185, Springer.



- 2020-

  • Seo, J.-W., D. Eckstein, A. Buras, J. Fromm, M. Wilmking, A. Olbrich. 2020. Changes in wood anatomical traits in Scots pine under different climate-change scenarios. IAWA J (accepted).

  • Lange, J., M. Carrer, M.F.J. Pisaric, T.J. Porter, J.-W. Seo, M. Trouillier, M. Wilmking. 2020. Moisture-driven shift in the climate sensitivity of white spruce xylem anatomical traits is coupled to large-scale oscillation patterns across northern treeline in northwest North America. Global Change Biology 26: 1842-1856.

- 2019-

  • Oh, J.-A., J.-W. Seo, B.-R. Kim. 2019. Determinate the number of growth rings using resistograph with tree-ring chronology to investigate ages of big old trees. J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 47(6): 700-708.

  • Seo, J.-W., M. Sano, H.-M. Jeong, K.-H. Lee, H.-C. Park, T. Nakatsuka, C.-S. Shin. 2019. Oxygen isotope ratios of subalpine conifers in Jirisan National Park, Korea and their dendroclimatic potential. Dendrochronologia 57: 125626​

  • 서정욱, 김요정, 최은비, 박준희, 김재훈. 2019. 한라산 영실지역 구상나무 고사연도와 시계열적 생육쇠퇴도 조사. 한국환경복원기술학회지 22(3): 1-14.

  • Oh, J.-A., J.-W. Seo, B.-R. Kim. 2019. Verifying the possibility of investigating tree ages using resistograph. J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 47(1): 90-100.

- 2018-

  • Lange, J., A. Buras, R. Cruz-Garcia, M. Gurskaya, R. Jakanen, V. Kukarskih, J.-W. Seo, M. Wilmking. 2018. Climate regimes override micro-site effects on the summer temperature signal of Scots pine at its northern distribution limits. Frontiers in Plant Science 9:1597.

  • 이광희, 서정욱, 한규성. 2018. 경산 임당 유적 출토 목제유물의 연대분석 및 수종분석에 따른 고기후환경 해석. 목재공학 46(3): 241-252.

  • 김민지, 서정욱, 김병로. 2018. 한국산 소나무의 지역에 따른 해부학적 특성. 목재공학 46(1): 100-106.

- 2017-

  • 서정욱, 정현민, Masaki Sano, 최은비, 박준희, 이광희, 김요정, 박홍철. 2017. 지리산국립공원 아고산대 주요 수종(주목, 잣나무, 구상나무, 신갈나무)에 대한 산소동위원소연대기 작성 및 기후와의 관계 분석. 목재공학 45(5): 661-670.

  • 서정욱, 엄창득. 2017. 안면도와 소광리 소나무 가도관 길이 비교. 펄프·종이기술 49(1):18-24.

  • 오정애, 서정욱, 김병로. 2017. 노거수 수령 추정을 위한 지역별 연륜연대기 구축 및 활용. 목재공학 45(1): 85-95.

  • 정현민, 김요정, 서정욱. 2017. 속리산 참나무류 도관내강면적연대기와 기후인자와의 관계분석. 목재공학 45(1): 72-84.

  • 서정욱, 최은비, 주정덕, 신창섭. 2017. 월악산에 식재된 잣나무와 화백나무의 형성층 활동과 기후인자와의 관계. 목재공학 45(1): 43-52.

- 2016-

  • 서정욱. 2016. 피닝법을 이용한 형성 활동 모니터링 방법 소개. 농업과학연구 32(1): 28-30.

  • Jeong, H.-M., Y. Kim, J.-Y. Kime, J.-W. Seo. 2016. Tree-ring dating of the Palsangjeon wooden pagoda at the Beopjusa temple in Boeun, South Korea. J. Korean Wood Sci. Technol. 44(4): 515-525.

- 2015-

  • 박소연, 엄창득, 서정욱. 2015. 생장지역에 따른 소나무 형성층 활동의 계절적 변화. 목재공학 43(4): 411-420.

- 2014-

  • Smilijanic, M., J.-W. Seo, A. Laanelaid. M. van der Maaten-Theunissen, B. Stajič, M. Wilmking. 2014. Peatland pines as a proxy for water table fluctuations: disentagnling tree growth, hydrology and possible human influence. Science of the Total Environment. 500-501: 52-63. 

  • Seo, J.-W., M. Smiljanic, M. Wilmking. 2014. Optimizing cell-anatomical chronologies of Scots pine by stepwise increasing the number of radial tracheid rows included ? case study based on three Scandinavian sites. Dendrochronologia 32(3): 205-209.

  • 서정욱, 엄창득, 박소연. 2014. 경상북도 울진군 소광리 소나무의 가도관 길이 변이 분석. 목재공학 42(6): 646-652.

- 2012-

  • Seo, J.-W., D. Eckstein, R. Jalkanen. 2012. Screening various variables of cellular anatomy of Scots pines in subarctic Finland for climatic signals. IAWA Journal 33(4): 417-429.

  • Seo, J.-W., T. Aalto, R. Jalkanen, D. Eckstein, U. Schmitt, J. Fromm. 2012. Bud break and intra-annual height growth dynamics of sapling and pole-stage trees of Scots pine: case study for a boreal forest in northern Finland. Baltic Forestry 18(1): 144-149.

  • Schmitt, U., J.-W. Seo, W.-U. Kriebitzsch, S. Schueler, T. Potsch. 2012. Holzbildungsdynamik von Rot-Buche (Fagus sylvatica L.) verschiedener Herkuenfte. Landbauforsch, Applied Agricultural and Forestry Research 62(4): 237-246 (in German).

- 2011-

  • Seo, J.-W., D. Eckstein, R. Jalkanen, U. Schmitt. 2011. Climatic control of intra-and inter-annual wood-formation dynamics of Scots pine in northern Finland. Environmental and Experimental Botany 72(3): 422-431.

  • 서정욱, 박원규. 2011. 제천 의림지 소나무 연륜생장 쇠퇴도 분석을 통한 고사 연도 및 원인규명 연구. 한국환경복원기술학회지 14(2): 1-10.

- 2010-

  • Park, W.-K., Y. Kim, A.-R. Jeong, S.-K. Kim, J.-A. Oh, S.-Y. Park, S. Choi, G. Park, J.-W. Seo. 2010. Tree-ring dating and AMS wiggle matching of wooden statues at Neunggasa temple in South Korea. Radiocarbon 52(2-3): 924-932.

  • Seo, J.-W., H. Salminen, R. Jalkanen, D. Eckstein. 2010. Chronological coherence between intra-annual height and radial growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the northern boreal zone of Finland. Baltic Forestry 16(1): 57-65.

  • 서정욱, 박원규. 2010. 지형적 특성에 따른 월악산 신갈나무의 연륜생장과 기후와의 관계. 한국환경복원기술학회지 13(3): 36-45.

- 2009-

  • Laanelaid, A., D. Eckstein, J.-W. Seo. 2009. Impact of underground mining in the Kohtla area, northerastern Estonia, on Scots pine and Norway spruce trees growing thereon. Oil Shale Quarterly 26: 73-83.

- 2008-

  • Rossi, S., A. Deslauriers, J. Gričar, J.-W. Seo, C.B.K. Rathgeber, T. Anfodillo, H. Morin, T. Levanic, P. Oven, R. Jalkanen. 2008. Critical temperatures for xylogenesis in conifers of cold climates. Global Ecology and Biogeography 17: 696-707.

  • Makinen, H., J.-W. Seo, P. Nojd, U. Schmitt, R. Jalkanen. 2008. Seasonal dynamics of wood formation: a comparison between pinning, microcoring and dendrometer measurements. European Journal of Forest Research 127: 235-245.

  • Seo, J.-W., D. Eckstein, R. Jalkanen, S. Rickebusch, U. Schmitt. 2008. Estimating the onset of cambial activity in Scots pine in northern Finland by means of the heat-sum approach. Tree Physiology 28: 105-112.

- 2007-

  • Seo, J.-W., D. Eckstein, U. Schmitt. 2007. The pinning method - from pinning to data preparation. Dendrochronologia 25(2): 79-86.

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  • Liu, Y., W.-K. Park, C. Quifang, J.-W. Seo, H.-S. Jung. 2003. Monsoonal precipitation variation in the East Asia since A.D. 1840: Tree-ring evidences from China and Korea. 46(10):1031-1039.

- 2002-

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- 2001-

  • Park, W.-K., Y.-J. Kim, J.-H. Kim, J.-W. Seo. 2001. Development of tree-ring chronologies of Pinus densiflora from Mt. Sorak and dating the year of construction of the Kyunghoe-ru pavilion in Seoul. Journal of the Korean Physical Society 39(4): 790-795.

  • 박원규, 서정욱, L. Yu, 김요정, 한수원. 2001. 나무나이테를 이용한 설악산 지역의 4월-8월 총강수량 복원. 제4기학회지 15(1): 47-52.

- 2000-

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- 1999-

  • 박원규, 서정욱. 1999. 지리산 천왕봉지역 구상나무의 연륜기후학적 해석. 제4기학회 13(1): 25-33.

주요 연구과제

  • 2013. 7 - 2014. 8 지역별 소나무의 재질발현 기작 연구 (국립산림과학원, 참여연구원)

  • 2011. 6 - 2013. 6 Eurasian Peatlands in a Changing Climate (독일연구재단(DFG), 참여연구원)

  • 2009. 3 - 2011. 6 High-resolution cambium dynamics in boreal pine trees at various distances from their northern tree line in view of the anticipated climate warming (독일연구재단(DFG), 참여연구원)

  • 2001. 9 - 2005. 8 Predicting Impacts on Natural Ecotones (PINE) (유럽연합(EU), 참여연구원)

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